• Where can I find the podcast GHL Extra?

    GHL Extra is a podcast that is available to our Patrons. If you would like to listen to it, head over to and donate $5 a month or more. We would appreciate the support!

  • Where can I suggest a future episode topic?

    You can always suggest topics on our Twitter and Facebook page.

  • How can I contact the podcast?

    You many submit any business inquiries or sponsorships to Please do not use this email to suggest future lessons.


Geek History Lesson is a podcast that was started in February 2014. It will teach you about all kinds of characters from pop culture It will get geeky. It will be funny, and you will learn.

Jason Inman is the co-host of DC All Access, DC comics weekly web show, panelist on Collider TV Talkas well as the creator and co-host of the Geek History Lesson Podcast. His personal Youtube channel, Jawiin, has over 4 million views and includes shows like The Red Shirt Diaries. Plus, he was born on a farm in Kansas, so there’s a possibility that he’s also Superman.

Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian actor/writer. She is the co-creator and star of The Red Shirt Diaries and can be seen on your tv in a couple different commercials. She hosts review shows for Jawiin (DCTV Recap, Game of Thrones Review Show.) In collaboration with Jason, Ashley co-hosts the Geek History Lesson Podcast with new episodes every Tuesday! Ashley is also a comic book writer and co-creator with Jason of the comic, Jupiter Jet.